12 months interest free*

Available on full priced treatments $300 & over at Hamilton Family Dental.


What is Q Card?

Q Card is a credit card that gives Q Cardholders a minimum of 3 months no payments and no interest when they use their Card for in-store and online purchases. Today, Q Card has a prominent place in the wallets of thousands of New Zealanders, helping them buy the things that matter.

Q Card is provided by Consumer Finance Limited, a member of the Flexi Cards Group of companies.


Hamilton Family Dental provides you quality dental care with affordable prices

Free Initial Consultation (X-Ray excl)

Free treatment under 18 years of age

Free ACC Treatment

Free WINZ Quote

Crown and Bridge:                                    From 800

Denture (Partial):                                      From $750

Denture (Full Set)                                     From 1500

Extraction:                                                 $120-$350

Wisdom Extraction:                                   $300-$450

Root Canal Treatment:                              From $900

Scale and Polish:                                       From $120

White Filling:                                              $150-$450