5 amazing benefits of having a family dentist

Sep 7, 2021

Oral hygiene is an important, but unfortunately often overlooked, part of your and your family’s lives. Unfortunately, a lot of people only go to the dentist when a problem arises, but you should know that regular checkups are vital to keeping your teeth healthy and you happy. This is why having a family dentist can be so beneficial to your family’s health.

A dentist who can see your entire family can make routine dentist trips simpler and more manageable. But what are the specific advantages of having a dentist who is skilled enough to see patients of all ages? Keep reading to learn why you should find a dentist who can treat your whole family!

Why should I take my family for routine dentist visits?

Just like regular checkups with your family doctor, the purpose of routine dental visits is to examine your teeth for any issues that need attention. Even if you or anyone in your family does not currently have any toothaches or pains, it is still vital for your overall health to care for your teeth. You don’t want to dismiss a slight toothache only for it to grow into a severe tooth decay problem!

When it comes to your family’s overall wellbeing, oral health is absolutely something you all should pay attention to. So, periodical visits to your friendly family dentist are essential for catching issues before they grow and keeping your family happy.

What are the benefits of having a family dentist?

You know that having a dentist for your family is advantageous, but what are the specific reasons for this? As it turns out, there are quite a few! Here are five of the benefits that you should be aware of:

1. The Dentist Will Come To Know Your Family. When you and your family regularly visit the same dentist, the dentist will come to know your family. If your children are young, they will even grow up knowing and trusting your family dentist.

When you work with a healthcare professional who knows you and your family, it will be easier to talk to them and for them to speak to you. They will be more familiar with your family dental history as well, so they will be able to recommend treatments based on your past more quickly than a dentist who is not familiar with you.

2. Routine Visits Help Your Family Cope With Dental Anxiety. Many people find dental visits stressful and anxiety-inducing. When you go by yourself, these trips can be intimidating. However, when you turn it into a family trip, all members of your family can take comfort in the fact that they are not alone.

3. Preventive Care Can Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy. As mentioned before, preventive care is crucial to stop more significant issues in the future. With regular checkups and teeth cleaning, your family can stay healthy. [Internal link – ‘Teeth Cleaning’]

Some people in your family might find routine checkups and cleanings tedious to keep up with, but going for regular checkups now is a lot better than needing to have a significant dental procedure in the future!

4. It Makes Family Dental Care Simpler And Easier To Handle. When you go to a family dentist who can treat your whole family regardless of their age, it makes oral health a lot easier to maintain. Instead of needing to go to one location for your children, another for your elders, and then a third for yourself, you only need to make one trip. You and your family can make a day of it and then head home healthier and with clean teeth.

5. Emergency Dental Care. If you ever, unfortunately, find yourself dealing with a dental emergency, you can take solace in knowing that you have a reliable dentist who knows you and your family. Because your dentist will be familiar with you and your loved ones, it will be easier to talk to them through the emergency and overall get through the ordeal.

Overall, having a dentist who you know and trust can be a considerable comfort to your family. Dentist visits can make people nervous, so knowing that you are going to see someone who is familiar with you can make the whole visit a lot easier.

Where can I find a skillful and reliable family dentist?

Interested in finding a family dentist who can treat all of your loved ones? Look no further than Hamilton Family Dental. We offer New Zealanders everything from teeth cleaning to full-mouth examinations to ensure that you and your family’s oral hygiene stays top-notch!

Additionally, we also offer youngsters under eighteen years of age free dental checkups. So, your children will be able to enjoy some free dental attention to try and catch any issues early.

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